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Steve Meyer began his music and entertainment industry career with Capitol Records, working in various capacities in sales and promotion, before being elevated to National Promotion Director at Capitol's famous "Tower" in Hollywood, California, where he also served as the label’s trade paper liaison.

While at Capitol, Steve played an integral role in creating better communication between radio and record labels and was a recipient of BILLBOARD magazine's 'Award of Excellence' for his efforts on that behalf.

Because of his extensive knowledge of popular music and entertainment, Meyer was chosen to be a member of Capitol’s exclusive ‘Beatles Committee’ and oversaw the choosing of design, content, promotion and marketing of the label’s most successful Beatle repackages: "Love Songs" and "Reel Music."  He was awarded RIAA Gold Records for his contributions on both albums, and a platinum RIAA Awrd for his promotion efforts on John Lennon's "Imagine" album.

In 1983, Meyer was hired by Universal Studios as Sr. Vice-President of Promotion for MCA Records. Under the leadership of newly appointed President Irving Azoff, now Executive Chairman of TicketMaster/Live Nation Entertainment and Chairman and CEO of the Front Line Management Group, the world's largest music management firm, he played a key part in re-establishing MCA as an industry leader. While in this capacity, industry trade publication Radio & Records named MCA the #1 Label Performance Leader in 1988. (The first time ever for the label.) Meyer was also the first industry leader to subscribe to Billboard magazine’s BDS Airplay Monitor.

For the next two years, Monday Morning Replay, a trade publication monitoring radio airplay (pre-Billboard’s BDS system), named MCA the #1 Label at Radio. In 1990, because of the contributions he had made at the label, Meyer was elevated to Sr. V.P. Promotion, Marketing & Product Development. In this capacity, he was the first label executive in the industry to initiate placement of technology to retrieve online sales and airplay information, and recommended the launch of the division’s website.

Recognized as one of the industry’s top professionals, Meyer was a recipient of many awards during his tenure at MCA, including: ‘Sr. V.P. of Promotion’; ‘Record Executive of The Year’; ‘V.P. of Promotion.’

While at MCA, Meyer was involved in the promotion and marketing of artists such as: Elton John, Tom Petty, Boston, The Fine Young Cannibals, Olivia Newton John, Mary J. Blige, Glenn Frey, Bobby Brown, and others. He was also responsible for overseeing the promotion and marketing efforts of the multi-platinum soundtracks Miami Vice, Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills Cop2, Back To The Future, An American Tail, The Commitments, Pump Up The Volume, and more.

A respected authority on pop-music and the entertainment industry, Meyer was interviewed by Martin A. Grove, then a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter and a CNN Entertainment reporter, for three separate books about the industry, the Beatles and pop-music culture. Throughout his career, Meyer was profiled extensively by such industry publications as Radio & Records, Billboard, Hitmakers, HITS, The Gavin Report, The Music Connection, and others. In addition, he was frequently a guest speaker at the UCLA Extension Courses ‘Marketing In The Music Industry.’ He’s also guest lectured at the University of Miami, USC, and CCSN in Las Vegas.

After the sale of Universal/MCA to Matsushita in 1990, Meyer left to form his own consulting company, SMART MARKETING, consulting a variety of clients in the entertainment, technology, and broadcast industries. Today, he supplies strategies for several key industry concerns.

In 2003, Meyer launched an e-mail newsletter, DISC&DigitalAudioTechnology,(DISC & DAT). The newsletter currently reaches almost2000 industry readers, and is now featured on the leading industry website www.allaccess.com/disc-and-dat in the ‘Digital Technology’ section.

In March of 2010 Steve was interviewed by Russ Roberts, a professor of economics at George Mason University, blogs at Cafe Hayek, and has written three novels that teach economics.

The interview talks about the evolution of the music industry, the impact of the digital revolution, and Steve gives reasons for believing in the virtues and potential of the Internet in enhancing the music industry. He also discuss the challenges facing record companies and suggests that the full potential of the Internet as a distribution channel has yet to be fully exploited.

You can listen to the interview (it runs a tad over an hour) or download it here: http://tinyurl.com/y9f3tld


In addition, Steve has written the following articles for RADIO INK magazine (Radio's Premier Management & Marketing Magazine)

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"New Technology: It's Not Just Survival Of The Fittest" - February 27,2006 issue

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Steve appeared as a guest on the national syndicated radio show 'Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast With The Beatles' ( www.beatlesradioshow.com ) on the following dates:

Program #764, February 25-26, 2006

Program #733, July 23-24, 2005

Program #657, February 8, 2004

Program #645, November 16, 2003